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General Terms and Conditions of Alpina Sonnen-Appartements Füssen / Allgäu from February 4th, 2021

1.       Lease Agreement 

The booking of the holiday apartment is binding if the contract has been confirmed in writing by us as the landlord with a "booking confirmation" after receipt of the agreed down payment or deposit. The contractual relationship is considered canceled if - as formulated in Section 2 - the payment deadlines are not met.


2.      payment of the contract price 

The rental price and any additional costs must be paid in accordance with the agreement in the booking confirmation. In the event of a short-term booking, the travel price must be paid immediately.


3.      Moving into the rental property (arrival)

The tenancy begins on the day of arrival when the landlord takes over the apartment and ends on the day of departure when the tenant returns the apartment to the landlord.


4.      key

On the day of arrival, the tenant presents the booking confirmation to the landlord and is given the keys to the rental property.

If a key is lost, the landlord must be informed immediately. The costs for the necessary replacement of the locking system are to be borne by the tenant.

5.      departure

On the day of departure, the holiday apartment must be returned to the landlord or a person commissioned by him by 10 a.m. (unless otherwise agreed) in a proper, clean condition, in accordance with the agreed agreements and the stipulations of the house rules. Doors and windows must always be closed. All keys and Königscards must be handed over personally.


The Lessor or his representative has the right to carry out a detailed inspection and, if necessary, to carry out an acceptance procedure. Any defects and incompleteness must be recorded in writing and confirmed by the tenant by signing.


6.      persons

The rental property is only made available for the contractually agreed persons according to the booking. Subsequent changes require written permission from the landlord. This applies in particular to the overnight stays of other people. In the event of violations, the landlord is entitled to expel the persons not listed in the booking from the holiday property. Incidentally, violations can justify any claims for damages.


7.      pets, smoking


Animals are not allowed in our allergy-friendly holiday home. Visitors' animals are also not allowed to enter the house. 

Smoking is generally not permitted inside the holiday apartments or inside the building. 

Smoking is permitted in the outdoor areas provided third parties are not bothered by rubbish, smoke and odours. 

When it is dry, smoking and open fire are prohibited due to the risk of fire.  


8th.      Maintenance of the holiday homes

The tenant(s) undertake(s) to treat the rented premises including inventory with care and to protect them from any damage. The tenant must compensate for damage to the holiday apartment and on the residential property or inventory shortages incurred during the rental period, unless he can prove that he himself or the persons accompanying him are not at fault for the damage or the shortage . The lessee must notify the lessor immediately of any findings regarding the incompleteness of the inventory or existing or occurred defects in the rental property, otherwise the lessor is entitled to compensation claims based on this.


9.      royal card


The Königscard is a free additional offer for tourist stays of 3 nights or more. The Königscard can only be used in connection with a stay with the landlord. All leisure offers of the Königscard are the responsibility of KÖNIGSCARD Guestcards GmbH, Hauptstraße 8 in 87663 Lengenwang. The landlord has no influence on the services of these additional offers. Any performance impairments or performance failures when using the Königscard do not entitle you to a replacement or price reduction of the overnight price. The use of the offer of the Königscard is always at your own risk.  


Upon departure, the Königscards are to be returned to the landlord.


10. Lessor's Obligations


With the effective conclusion of the contract, the landlord is obliged to provide and hand over the rental property in accordance with the contract. If, despite all the care taken by the landlord or due to circumstances for which the landlord is not responsible (storm disasters, fire, explosion, damage to the house, vandalism, etc.), the holiday apartment cannot be used by the tenant as agreed, the landlord is only liable to the amount of the agreed and paid rental price. The free additional offers of the Königscard are excluded from this obligation.  


The landlord is not liable for impairments or damage that are outside his area of responsibility, in particular for the offers of the Königscard, the telecommunications provider (WLAN), shipping, the bathing beach or any construction work (including road works) in the area.


11.     cancellation of the contract


In the event of withdrawal, the cancellation conditions stated in the booking confirmation apply. In the event of illness, we recommend travel cancellation insurance. 

Decisive for a cancellation is the receipt of the written declaration of withdrawal by the landlord (e-mail, which must be reconfirmed by the landlord). In the event of withdrawal, a processing fee of €50.00 plus any advertising costs incurred will be due.

The early departure of the tenant, which is to be reported to the landlord, does not entitle the latter to assert claims for reimbursement or compensation. In this case, too, the tenant owes the agreed rent.

If the tenant withdraws from the contract and at the same time provides a new tenant who declares in writing that he accepts the agreed conditions, the landlord will issue a new booking confirmation.


12.     Rules of Use


The house rules laid out in the holiday apartments for the respective holiday homes and properties are part of the general terms and conditions.

For the use of the DSL Internet access via WLAN, the  "WLAN - Rules of Use" in the guest directory of your holiday apartment. We would also be happy to send them to you in advance by e-mail.  


13.     place of jurisdiction


Place of jurisdiction is the District Court of Augsburg.

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